Mango Power Explorer with 2000Wh Battery Power Station Launches on 30th April 2021

Mango Future Technology launches its breakthrough product, the Mango Power Explorer on 30th April 2021. The unit functions as a portable power station, leveraging a 2000Wh battery with 2000W output capability that gives users extensive power options on the go. Consumers can purchase the product on their website at $1,199. The green energy-focused company Mango Future Technology set out to design a solution that would serve as a perfect portable power source for home, off-grid life, and professional use. It can also be used as a backup power source during emergency situations.

“The Mango Power Explorer is the first product of Mango Future Technology. Its battery capacity and output capability will give consumers the most comprehensive flexibility among their power supply options. Every full solar charging reduces 1.43 kg of CO2 emissions; equivalent to the daily absorption of 23.7 trees.” Mango Future Technology CEO Chengwu Wang commented; “We will continue to bring competitive products to consumers and would like to see every family enjoying the latest technology in the green energy industry “

In an effort to extend the benefits and opportunities of solar power to the broadest range of consumers, Mango Future Technologies has made the power explorer available at just  $1.199; a deeply competitive price point that invites new users to discover the convenience of energy-saving power storage.

With 14 ports and two wireless charging pads; the Mango Power Explorer allows users to simply place their phone or AirPods on the pad, and observe the devices springing to life. It provides an ideal solution for DIY enthusiasts, outdoor lovers, tradespeople looking to power professional equipment remotely, and any business person who needs reassurance that their upcoming road trip won’t render them unable to work. Users give themselves the ability to communicate with colleagues and clients from some of the most remote regions where they may be venturing.

On the home front, even when an unforeseen power outage threatens to derail the day; the Mango Power Explorer can operate heaters, clothes dryers, and air conditioners. With ongoing sunlight, homeowners could theoretically go without their main power source for many comfortable weeks in any climate.

About Mango Future Technology

Mango Future Technology is a U.S. startup in the residential green energy industry. The company develops portable power devices; home power supply solutions, and related accessories to help consumers enjoy new technology; from the field of green energy. Its vision is to bring green energy to every home and ultimately realize the goal of zero carbon emissions for every family.