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The Mighty Recharge Center For Your Exploration

  • 2000Wh Massive Battery Capacity
  • 2000W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets
  • 14 Versatile Output Ports
  • Up to 1400W Rapid Charge*
  • Dual Wireless Charging Pads
$1299 Shop Now
* Fully Charged In Less Than 2 Hours

Enormous Battery Pack for All Your Outdoor Needs


Built with a 2000Wh battery pack, the Mango Power Explorer can run most of
your appliances for hours or even days when the grid goes down or for your outdoor living.

*The data based on Mango Power lab. For reference only.
Light - 10W180+ Hours
Coffee Maker- 600W80-100 Cups
Fridge - 150W10-12 Hours
TV Set - 110W12-15 Hours
Drone - 60Wh20+ Times
Camera - 18Wh 20+ Times
Electric Frying Pan - 1500W1-1.2 Hours
Electric Grill - 1650W 0.6-1.2 Hours
Power Tools
Drill - 1080W1-1.5 Hours
Hammer - 1260W 0.8-1.2 Hours
Drain Cleaner - 250W 5-7 Hours
Circular Saw - 1400W0.8-1.2 Hours

14 Outlets Boast
2000W Continuous Power


Mango Power Explorer features a 2000W
pure sine wave inverter and surge up to 4000W!
It can power almost all of your household appliances from
lights, laptops, fridges to power tools, or even a Tesla vehicle.
Mango Power Explorer can keep your home,
campsite or mobile office running without breaking a sweat.

Wireless Charging Pad *2
For Smartphone and AirPods etc.
DC Outlet *2
Cigarette Lighter Port
For Car Fridge etc.
AC Outlet *3
For Fridge, TV, Kettle etc.
65W & 30W
For MacBook and Nintendo Switch etc.
USB-A QC 3.0 * 4
For Smart Phones, Speaker, Tablets etc.

Dual 15W

Wireless Charging Pads

With 2 wireless charging pads on the top.
You can easily juice up all your latest wireless gadgets
that compatible with Qi charging protocol.

Up to 1400W Dash Input

With Mango’s Exclusive X-Fusion Charging Tech,
The Explorer can be fully charged in less than two hours by solar,
wall charger and the USB-C input simultaneously.

* The solar panel sold separately.

Get Energy Independence

with Mango Power Explorer

1.43kg/3lbs of Carbon dioxide is reduced when every time
you fully charged your Mango Power Explorer by solar,
that’s the equivalent of nearly 24 trees’ absorption per day.
Let’s make the earth a better planet, together!