The Powerful Station in Your Exploration

2000Wh Battery
Big Capacity

2000W Powerful
AC Output

Total 14
Outputs Ports

2 Wireless
Charging Pad

Up to 1400W
super fast Charge

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Big Battery For All Your Needs

With a 2000Wh battery, the Mango Power Explorer can easily handle more than 90% of your power needs for your home and outdoor life, plus power professional tools or work as a backup power supply in emergency scenarios.

*The data based on laboratory. For reference only.

14 Output Ports with Maximum
2000W Electrical Load

Mango Power Explorer supports a maximum 2000W of continuous output and 4000W surge power, giving you the power you need. It can support all of your household appliances, from lights to laptops, fridges and power tools, or even a Tesla. Mango Power Explorer can keep your home, campsite or jobsite running.

1Wireless Charging Pad *2
5W & 10W For Smartphone and AirPods etc.
2DC Outlet *2
3Cigarette Lighter Port
For Car Fridge etc.
4AC Outlet *3
For Fridge, TV, Kettle etc.
5USB-C PD *2
65W & 30W
For MacBook and Nintendo
Switch etc.
6USB-A QC 3.0 * 4
For Smart Phones, Speaker,
Tablets etc.

2 Wireless Charging Pads

Mango Power Explorer has 2 wireless charging pads with a
maximum output of 15W. It's easy and convenient to drop
your phone or AirPods on the pad and get a full charge.

* Wireless charging need device feature support

Fusion Super Charging Technology
Empowers Up to 1400W Charging Power

With the support of the Fusion Super Charging Technology, Mango Power Explorer can be charged simultaneously by solar power* (Maximum 1000W), wall outlet (300W) and USB-C PD input (65 W), reaching a full charge within just 2 hours with the maximum charging method.

* The Solar Panel is not included with Mango Power Explorer and must be purchased separately.

Live Green with Mango Power Explorer

Every time you fully charge your Mango Power Explorer by solar panels, you will reduce your CO2 emissions by 1.43 kg, the equivalent of 23.7 trees' absorption per day, all while lowering your daily energy expenses.

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