Mango Child Bike Seat Handlebars

Easy to Install and Remove
There are no special tools required to install or remove the Mango Kids Bike Handlebars. With a very simple Allen Key (included in the box), all done in one minute.


Optional Accessory for the Mango Child Bike Seat

Mango Child Bike Seat is designed to give children exclusive comfy handlebars. And this handlebars is compatible with Mango Child Bike Seat or another front-mounted child seat.

Lightweight, but Durable

The Mango Child Mountain Bike Handlebars attachment is extremely lightweight with only 5.8 oz. It employed ultra-durable aluminum alloy to provide high-quality products. And rubber grips are designed for the little hands of children.

Paired with Mango Child Bike Seat

Mango Child Bike Seat and Handlebars are designed for Mountain bikes, rubber grips, stainless steel screws make them safe and easy to use. With paired products, bring much more joy to ride with your children.

PRODUCT NAME: Mango SKU: SKUOUT2 DIMENSIONS:11.85 x 4.65 x 1.81 inches WEIGHT:500g Color: Black

Q: Does this work for shorter adults? 

A: No, this seat is designed for small toddlers. 

Q: Is the bottom where the feet go adjustable or not? 

A: Yes. You can adjust the swing arm nuts so that you can get clearance on the underside of the frame. 

Q: Does this Mango Child Bike Seat Handlebars fit for road bikes, e-bikes and MTB? 

A: Yes. It is suitable for flat or riser style handlebars. But the Mango Child Bike Seat is only designed for MTB. 

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